Sunday, 30 September 2012

SH that changes ur LIFE



SHORTHAND course + speed 100 wpm in just 8 months – placement in MINISTRIES guaranteed on contract basis.


My students learnt full course  in just   9 days, 11,12,14,18,20,25,30,35 & 40 days @  60 wpm speed.Attend 2 days free trial classe to know/experience the truth


Pl. Don’t waste ur time . Why 6 months or more than that to learn SH course & to get 80 wpm speed  nearly 1 year or more than that, even then u r not confident enough to pass the SKILL TEST?


 SKILL TEST ateended today..What did u notice?  ..very few people attended….most of them don’t know SH,  most of them don’t have required speed…some of them practicing SH for more than 2/3 years….still no positive results? Whatever may be . COMPETITION Is ZERO.


When I say I will teach SH course in 40 days! U don’t believe….when I say I will train u in just 6 months  for 100 wpm .. then u don’t believe…WHO CAN CHEAT U? u r not a LKG STUDENT.  U   need not wast 40 days or 8 months time… first attend 10 days classes .. then u can decide to  attend my classes further  or not…if not … fee loss?  No.. 100% REFUNDABLE  on the spot without askin any reasons.  Without wasting ur time and money...u can simply  choose  ur TEACHER … is itn’t so wonderful?   


Dear STUDENTS give me ur time…I will not teach SH …I will make u as a STENO  in short time .. learn shorthand  .. not  LOOOONG HAAAAnd!




          Easy to get a govt job!  Yes… in STENO  posts zero competition…


Number of vacancies are unfilled in various ‘Central /State Govt Offices.  Staff Selection 9Commission clearly stated the same. In their Steno Gr.D & C Notification. 


Elections are above to come….all unfilled reserved category  STENO posts will be  filled through ‘BACK LOG’……means  99%  NO WRITTEN TEST…..morning shorthand test ….evening results .. within one week appointment order….


Dear parents,  if  you dream that  your child become a Govt Employee… pl. join ur hands with me….i will definitely make your dream comes true in a very very short time…


If u r far away from my institute



Now Shorthand beginner/speed classes in ur house. Visit :   

Pl.forward to ur friends. Send request to facebook to know steno notifications from time time :  First time in history.  4 am to 11 pm. 80 to 100 & 100 to 120 wpm. NO WEB CAM REQUIRED No need to travel, no waste of time, money etc. Can see all outlines on ur screen. 


RAMAN BABU: 98 999 33  678    96,1st floor, Meharchand mrkt, lodhi road central school, N.Delhi.3 (Nearest metro stns – Jor Bagh & JLN Stdm.


Buddha Teaching : Learn Vipassana Meditation (Free of cost) visit :

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